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Dec 2, 2012
We have winners!
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Dec 2, 2012
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Oct 28, 2012
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Sep 22, 2012
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Hall of Fame for Donors

We appreciate DONATE support from these pilots:
Season 2012/13: Sönke Neumann (SN), Markus Portmann (1P), Tomasz Zwolinski (TZ2), Maxim Sharkov (169) and Erwin De Bruin (EDB). Season 2011/12: Hubert Bernhardt (HB), Phil Estamegne (FMR), Norbert Kiss (CN), Anton Lovi (AL9), Frank Lukas (FL), Rainer Gromzik (RG), Winfried Deppe (WD), Lars Zinnkann (LZN), Lukas Schaffler (LSX), Dmitriy Balykin (BAD), Janos Cservenak (HWK), Marius Pluscauskas (PM1), Tomasz Zwolinski (TZ2), Dariusz Banucha (WY), Sönke Neumann (SN).

Hahnweide Pokal › Virtual Soaring Competition

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Contest is finished, last racing day of Hahnweide Pokal is over. And here are the winners:
1st place for HELMUT KUENNE (F9/Discus2/Germany) - 5199 points
2nd place for ARNE-MARTIN GÜETTLER (AXM/LS8/Norway) - 5190 points
3rd place for HORST JAHNKE (DHJ/LS8/Germany) - 5150 points
Thanks goes to all pilots for joining us here in the sky over Germany and special thanks to Radek Mica (RUM) for tasksetting and big thanks goes also to Miloš Koch (MK) and his for hosting condor servers.
See you in next contests, friends! Check our primary website for news about it.
Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator

Welcome to our website of next virtual soaring competition at We have prepared Hahnweide Pokal. Standard class planes (ASW28, Discus2, LS8), 8 racing days, racing tasks and AATs. Hahnweide in Germany is our start/finish airport for this competition.

We will fly over Condor old-school scenery - Hahnweide S-W Germany. Servers will always start at 20:00 CE(S)T. Overall results is simple count of all 8 tasks. Attention: choose carefully glider type in registration - with registered glider type you have to fly all tasks! Server passwords will be published in briefing page. After each race you must send IGC file to be scored! More informations about competition in Rules section.

Big thanks goes to for hosting Condor servers for our contests and preparing amazing sceneries for us. Thank you again, Miloš!

This competition is continued line of successful competitions like Retro Cup, Fatra Gliding Cup, Medlánky Condorworld Cup, Liptov Shepherd GP, Praděd GP Gliding, Raven Competition, Kiwi Race, OCC and many others.

Contest Brief Information
Racing Days: every Saturday from October 13, 2012 till December 1, 2012
Server/Start Time: Hahnweide Pokal at 18:00 UTC (from November 3, 2012 at 19:00 UTC)
Scenery: old-school HW_SWGermany [1.08], by Speed Battle Team (download | mirror)
Tasks: more than 250 km, PDA allowed, some AATs, cloudflying not allowed

Condor › The Competition Soaring Simulator

Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator is designed to recreate the ultimate experience of competition soaring on your PC. A lot of attention was put in to create an environment which would create an immersion of real competition flying. This means that the aerodynamics and weather physics were in focus of the development. The result is amazingly real feel of flight in all flight regimes and weather conditions which challenges a real soaring pilot on a competition day.

Amazing feel of flight due to the advanced flight dynamics model: Advanced 6DOF flight model for complete freedom of flying / Accurate sailplane performance and handling – also at and beyond critical angles of attack / Sailplane damage simulation – flutter, high G stress, collisions / High time fidelity physics engine (up to 500 cycles per second) / Accurate ground forces for realistic takeoffs, landings and crashes / Detailed, sub-object collision detection for mid air and ground object collisions / Accurate conditions for a realistic towing and winch start.

More informations about this simulator you can get at Some videos from this soaring simulator also here.